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familyDESMOND is the collaborative name for a family of group self management education modules, toolkits and care pathways for people with, or at risk of, Type 2 diabetes. The DESMOND Programme offers training and quality assurance for Healthcare Professionals and Lay Educators to deliver any of the DESMOND modules and toolkits to people in their local communities.

What does the DESMOND Programme currently offer?

There are 4 self management education modules available:

We also provide training for Lay Educators to deliver our Newly Diagnosed and Foundation modules.

There is 1 toolkit available currently:

What is in development?

There is currently 1 new toolkit and 1 new module set for release in 2014:

  • Injectable Therapies toolkit (for those on insulin or GLP-1 therapy struggling to gain glycaemic control)
  • Going Forward with Diabetes module (the follow-on for those that have attended DESMOND Newly Diagnosed or Foundation)

Plus there are many more new initiatives being trialled at present including patient education for those with intellectual disabilities and diabetes, those at risk of diabetes with schizophrenia and another for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Watch this space for further developments!

What makes the DESMOND Programme stand out from the rest?

The DESMOND Programme is pretty unique! The style of our education is designed to support the participant to become an expert. Regardless of the module all our education is effective and evidence based, is supported by a strong person-centred philosophy and adult learning theories and uses an interactive non-didactic style of delivery. All modules are supported by our award-winning Quality Development framework.

How do you get DESMOND for your organisation?

Firstly, you will need to consider the requirements for training, then the costs and we would definitely recommend picking up the phone and speaking to us about how best to embed the DESMOND Programme in your organisation.

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