Part of the DESMOND Programme

Educator of the Year

Ciara Heverin, Galway University Hospitals and Galway, Roscommon PCCC

Snip20141107_7Alongside colleague Lorna Hurley, Ciara, a Senior Community Diabetes Dietitian, became the first DESMOND educator in Ireland in 2007. It was the first step on the way to achieving her ambition of introducing high-quality structured education for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Together with Lorna, Ciara then trained as a trainer and quality development assessor, delivering the country’s first educator training – they now conduct about 25 educator assessments annually. In 2010, Ciara led on the introduction of a DESMOND pathway, meaning DESMOND is the first point of contact for all newly-diagnosed people with Type 2 diabetes.

There are now 53 educators delivering DESMOND to over 1,200 people across 20 counties in Southern Ireland thanks to Ciara’s dedication and pioneering work.


Karen Nightingale, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust

Karen NightingaleGrade 4 healthcare practitioner Karen joined the trust’s DESMOND team in 2011 for one day a week as part of her training towards practitioner status. In the last three years she has become an accomplished, confident and experienced DESMOND educator.

Karen’s fantastic visual skills contribute towards lively and vivid sessions. Karen is one of the most commonly mentioned educators when it comes to positive feedback. Her organisation skills have proved invaluable in ensuring all of the resources are maintained.

This year Karen has been involved in developing a signposting resource covering weight management, smoking, lifestyle and mental health services.

She is developing her smoking cessation skills in order to more directly support patients in DESMOND.


Jane Puzey, Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Jane Puzey Photo Oct 2014Jane, a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian and lead DESMOND educator for the trust’s Diabetes Intermediate Care Service, works with seven educators to deliver a comprehensive DESMOND structured education service in nine venues across Somerset.

Trained as a DESMOND educator since 2008, Jane mentors newly or recently-trained educators. She expertly delivers DESMOND, knowledgeably and with great enthusiasm and confidence.

With enough enthusiasm for a whole team, Jane keeps DESMOND education in the spotlight within the service, updating the team with any new developments or information and ensuring that the whole team is included in information cascades and discussions.

In times of staff shortages Jane regularly goes the extra mile to cover more DESMOND sessions in order for the Trust to still be able to deliver its comprehensive structured education programmes.


Janet Upton, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundations Trust

Janet UptonJanet has been delivering DESMOND in Cumbria since the programme was introduced in 2009.

Trained as both a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian and Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Janet’s wealth of experience makes her the perfect educator. Janet has done 26 DESMOND courses this year and has always been available to stand in at short notice and go the extra mile to help out.

She is the lead mentor for lay educators who deliver Walking Away. Janet is also the Diabetes Education Lead in North Cumbria working on the delivery and provision of DESMOND.

In 2012, Janet decided to retire from her demanding full time role and agreed to remain on the bank of staff to deliver DESMOND newly diagnosed, foundation and Walking Away from Diabetes throughout the county.At the end of this year she is stepping down as an educator.